Corsair K100 gaming keyboard review

The gaming keyboard market is saturated with so many different features and technology that it can be difficult to know where to start when selecting which one. Corsair provides a wide range of gaming keyboards from the ultra-budget K40, all the way up to their flagship K95 Platinum RGB mechanical gaming keyboard. The newest member in this series of gaming keyboards is the K100.

Design and Build Quality

The Corsair K100 gaming keyboard has a durable ABS frame with rubberized coating, which gives it that extra durability. The keys are also backlit in red LEDs for an intense gaming experience. They have all the standard keycap sizes and shapes to give you that competitive gaming edge.

Keyboard Gaming Performance

When gaming, the K100 gaming keyboard performs admirably. With its Cherry MX Red mechanical switches and 100% anti-ghosting capabilities, you can be assured that all keys will work flawlessly no matter how fast or furiously you are gaming!


The Corsair K100 gaming keyboard has red LEDs on each and every key to give you an intense gaming experience, perfect for FPS games like Battlefield or Call of Duty. The keys also have different brightness levels so that you can adjust it according to your preference. There’s even a lighting gaming mode for gaming enthusiasts.


The Corsair K100 gaming keyboard is plug-and-play, and requires no software installation or complicated setups. It also has a gaming key combination to give you the competitive gaming edge in FPS games like Battlefield or Call of Duty. You can adjust the brightness levels according to your preference as well as switch gaming mode on the fly.

Value for Money

At $229.99, the Corsair K100 gaming keyboard is a perfect gaming keyboard for gamers who are looking to invest in an a gaming keyboard that has all the basic features. If your gaming needs go beyond these basics, then it may be worth your time to consider investing in their more expensive keyboards instead.

If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard with some awesome lighting effects and that is designed to be durable, then this gaming keyboard might just be what you were looking for! Corsair’s newest addition promises durability of up to 50 million keystrokes, 100% Cherry MX Red mechanical switches (which are needed by gamers who require the high actuation force needed to execute gaming commands quickly), and a sleek, minimalistic design.