Logitech G910 Orion Spark Review

The Logitech G910 Orion Spark is a phenomenal keyboard for both gamers, as well as typists who appreciate comfort. The keyboard is priced at $150 USD and comes equipped with Logitech’s exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches, which are similar to MX browns. The RGB backlighting is customizable through the Logitech gaming software and the light shines solely through the individual keycaps, rather than between them as well. One thing which is instantly noticed upon typing and handling this keyboard is its build quality. After using it for two years, I can easily say it is the most durable keyboard I have ever used. The plastic does not bend, even when a significant amount of pressure is applied. Additionally, the grip on the back on the keyboard has not lost even a fraction of its strength from the time I have used it. The grip sticks easily to my wooden desk with zero sliding.

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The Build

The docking station is a cool feature, which is designed to hold a phone, however, I rarely use it because I dislike my phone being in my peripheral vision. A common complaint among users is the unique design of the keycaps, which are shaped differently across the board. The complaint is that this style makes it difficult to type. Even Linus, from Linus Tech Tips on YouTube, has shared this complaint. Some of the keys, such as the left shift key, are shaped so that the left edge of the key is higher than the right. However, the most prominent example of the unique shape is with the arrow keys, with the forwards key resting higher on the board than the others. I must admit, the design of the keycaps gives the keyboard an odd look, especially since almost every other gaming keyboard’s keys share the same shape, however; the typing experience is fantastic. The keys require a slight learning curve, however, after two weeks of use, I was typing like a pro. To this day, I have found that the typing experience this keyboard gives is unmatched once I got a feel for the keys. One thing this keyboard requires is a large desk space, as it is rather large. The keyboard comes with a full 10-key number pad as well as sixteen macros and four buttons to cycle through profiles.

Many say the keyboard gives off a bulky look, however, I find it fits perfectly on my desk and I greatly appreciate the extra keys. The keyboard comes with a hand rest that can be clipped on and clipped off. The hand rest favors the left hand, extending more on the left than the right, which is perfect for gaming but can be a bit awkward when typing if you are a person who enjoys equal support for both hands. As for height extensions, the keyboard has two clips that extend on the front back to give the front side a bit of a lift. This extension works great, however, I have found that the clips detach from the board a little too easily, and collapse when too much pressure is applied, flatten the board. Overall, the keyboard is fantastic for any type of person. It appeals to the gamer, as well as the casual typer. The build quality is fantastic, aside from the extension clips, and the RGB lighting gives off a great look, while not completely overpowering the keyboard. The built-in software is extremely customizable and easy to use. I would highly recommend this Logitech G910 gaming keyboard to anyone looking for a luxurious gaming experience.