Patriot Viper V760 Review 2020

The Patriot Viper v760 keyboard is made of aluminum making it really solid and also giving it the perfect weight for a gaming keyboard, it comes with Kailh brown mechanical switches and all the keys are RGB and they can be customized by using the Patriot viper software or also by pressing FN+ F1, F2, F3 … for different lighting effects and brightness. And also, a wrist rest is removable using magnetism which is very nice for a $100 gaming keyboard.

The front panels come with a USB port and it requires 2 USB 2.0 ports on your computer to work properly. The overall quality of the keys is really great, the sound is also really nice and you can feel the mechanical switch being pushed down all the way with minimal effort, the led which every key has is already of great quality as the brightness is perfect.

When it comes to gaming this keyboard really excels as it in the medium price range on the gaming keyboards sector, but it totally gives you the feeling of a high tier one like Corsair or Razer. The keyboard also comes with small feet which let you change the height and position of the keyboard and also has rubber supports which makes it hold a nice grip on your desk with minimal movement when in use. It comes with a red viper logo between the Numpad and the arrow keys, I wouldn’t say it is ugly but I would very much prefer if it wasn’t there, the is also another logo on the wrist rest at the bottom right of it but that one actually does look good as it contrasts very well with the whole keyboard.

By looking at the keyboard from the side you can see all the keys have on a different level as the surface making it look really cool and clean, the aluminum plate makes it look even cleaner and shiny which gives this keyboard a lot of points in aesthetics. Sadly, this keyboard doesn’t come with any multimedia keys which is kind of a bummer for a keyboard in the price range of $100 it would be really great if they could have added those to the top right of the keyboard as there is a lot of space there that is not being used properly.

As for the brand, it is Viper Patriot which is not known for making keyboards but they surely did a nice job with this one it is pretty solid and works great for the price they ask. So far, I have been using this keyboard for almost 2 years and I haven’t experienced yet any inconvenience, everything is high quality made and really durable, I use this keyboard mostly to play games like Rainbow six siege and CS: GO so it takes a lot of key stress but after 2 solid years it is still rocking. So, I would totally recommend the patriot viper v760 as it is a great deal for a small price of $100. You can get it on amazon here

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