Razer BlackWidow Elite: Esports Gaming Keyboard Review

I purchased the Razer Blackwidow Elite Keyboard 3 months ago, I am using it 10-15 hours daily and there are words to describe it. The keyboard is very beautiful and the fact that its made of metal gives a better feeling when touching the keyboard. The wrist rest is very soft and useful and you do not need to worry about wrist pains. Its lighting is awesome with beautiful colors and a lot of different effects to use and choose which one likes you most. The green clicky switches are very nice and if you like listening to those solid sounding clicks. But if you don’t like the noisy clicks a mechanical keyboard like this wouldn’t suit you very well due to the noise.

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The media keys are very useful for gaming to increase/ decrease or mute the volume but apart from the volume and skipping or pausing videos they can be used for video editing and many other tasks. I have not noticed any disadvantages so far, only the thing that if you live in a dusty environment and it gathers dust it is  very noticeable because of the lighting and maybe someone doesn’t like to see it and its like seeing dust on any other surface actually but I wouldn’t consider it a disadvantage as long as that happens on any device you own( screens, TV’s, phones, etc.) but  might be annoying for  somebody and wanted to mention it.

Of course there are people who will say that razer keyboards and general products are overpriced, not worth their money, that they do the same things as other keyboards for half or less the price and that there are not worth buying and that someone shouldn’t spend as much money for a keyboard or other kind of peripherals but that’s each person’s own point of view and has his/ her own budget to spend on gaming gear.

All things are taken into account, I personally believe that the keyboard is exceptional, of course, there are many products on the market which are similar to it but I believe its worth its money and In my opinion, you will not regret buying it. Many people would discourage you to buy such expensive gear unless you do professional gaming and consider it as your job or if you just have the money to buy what you want. Also, to be honest, all mechanical keyboards regardless the name will do approximately the same thing some may be a little better some may sound a little better some may fit to each person differently because not all people have the same comfort on same objects depends on many things like the size of the hand for example or some may not feel comfortable with a wrist wrest and some others will find it extremely useful and convenient. However, the nowadays market can fit every individual depending on their needs and everyone can find what they need if they just search for it, me personally I’m very satisfied with my product and I believe is the best choice I could make. I would recommend it to many people but from there I cannot persuade someone to buy it if they don’t want to, everyone had its own needs and knows better what will suit them.