Razer Blackwidow X Chroma – Review

I personally own the Blackwidow X Chroma made by Razer. I have had my keyboard for about a year now, and I have been nothing but happy with it. The keys that they come with however are pretty loud. So loud that if I’m in a call with someone or if I’m just in a different room people will be aware that you are up and typing. They are Razer green switches which have been revamped and are of far better quality. They are tactile and clicky and they have that smooth click that you feel when pressing each individual key.

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The keyboard itself is VERY easy to clean. Like the K70, the keys themselves are raised. The keys pop off easily and underneath you can find the RBG lighting as well as the switches below the lights. If you need to clean you will want to just use a Q-tip to try to get in between the keys. The keycaps themselves are sturdy and under heavy usage, there is no sign of wearing down on the letters. Now the material itself of the keyboard is the metal framing/base and plastic keys. As I said, very easy to clean. The back of the keyboard has a divot for the cable to make cable management better on your desk. Out of the box, you will feel that it is heavy and study. It doesn’t “feel” cheap like some keyboards do.

Hardware and Software

Now I’m pretty content with the keyboard’s hardware itself. However, if you want to use it properly, you need to go through Razer synapse/center. Which can be a deal breaker for many because you have to make an account, log in, there are frequent updates where you have to restart your computer, etc. But to make use of the RGB lighting you need it. Through the app you can program your keys, micros, and enable gaming mode (which is my favorite), making custom lighting and patterns. It’s very straight forward to make patterns and there are several defaults out the box. The great thing is through Synapse whenever you connect to a compatible game, the keys will change automatically to match the game. As someone who plays Overwatch, the keys change depending on what character you use, and what ability you use as well. So, while it’s very annoying to be rooted by the app, it does serve its purpose and if you own various Razer Chroma devices, it’s a must.

Is The Razer Worth it?

If you want good quality for your dollar, I would say either go Corsair or Razer. Me, however? I would go with Razer. They have really stepped their game up lately and this is a key product that demonstrates the new design choices that are starting to rival other companies. It’s no longer the Apple of gaming hardware. In a sense that you are only buying it for the brand name itself and not the quality of the product itself. If you are looking for a keyboard that gives you a smooth ride with very satisfying clicks paired with beautiful lighting and customization, look no further than the BlackWidow X Chroma.